HERMÈS Leather


an exhibit presented by Hermès to be housed in the Cooper Hewitt Museum. This exhibit was a collaborative effort between three colleagues to take one through a tour of the evolution of leather, specifically the story of Hermès.

We wanted to show how they became the iconic fashion house it is today, notably know for their high-end leather products.

We guide you thought a the history of the tools through a small cured tunnel which opens into the large showroom, a technique commonly  used by Frank Lloyd Wright.

We also wanted to keep the space very branded to Hermès, choosing orange to be places on the walls, floor and ceiling, with white as a clean accent to display each piece.

Moving through the tools, one sees some of the early uses for leather, like sandals and boots. Leather then began to be used in armor and details in clothing. Hermès began their journey creating horse saddles so we centered this display as the heart of in the showroom.



Dominique Gibbs Tristan hanks samantha ray

As an interactive element, we added hanging treated leather. The viewers can go tough and feel the difference between Hermès leathers. Finally we wanted to leave the viewer with Hermès most famous product, the Hermès Birkin Bag.