Formula E Poster Animation


2014-2015 Formula E Championship Tour, Qualcomm

Music: 20 min (instrumental) by lil uzi vert

How did come to be?

At only my third stab at animation, the idea was to tell a story of a poster. I choose to do a series of poster as I felt a better story could be told. Growing up, my dad always had some type of car that he was working on and later on racing. This grew my love for cars at an early age.

I stumbled on this magnificent poster series by Michelle Wadler of Knock Twice design agency on Behance. It was commissioned that a poster series was created based on the 2014-2015 Formula E Championship Tour.

This was commissioned by Qualcomm with simple direction, a poster for each stop of the tour, each poster to incorporate the country’s flag but not in an obvious way, and to have a Qualcomm car in each poster.

I wanted to help tell the story of the journey of this tour. As the car moves through each stop, elements from each poster fall into place revealing my translation of each poster.

Designed by Michelle Wadler, the 3 posters that inspired it all. 

These posters were just a few of the entire poster series. Have a look at the rest of the series. My goal is to animate each poster of the series. 

Animation Components

Buenos aires: